Why go to Boarding School?

There are so many reasons. Better education. More curriculum choices. Incredible facilities. Outstanding athletics and extracurricular opportunities. Challenging professors. A diverse, motivated student body with global networks. Fundamentally, boarding school students are better prepared to successfully manage the academic, social and extracurricular demands of university as they are more mature, independent and used to living on their own.

Which school is best for you? 

There more than a thousand schools in the United States to choose from. Which one is right for you? Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself: How do I evaluate a school that is so far away? Is my child being challenged at his/her current school and could the school do more to motivate my child? Does my child’s current academic performance reflect his/her true ability? What kind of school environment will my child thrive in? Is it safe? Is my child involved in enough extracurricular activities and are his/her interests being supported in school? How will the transition to the school impact my child culturally, socially and emotionally? How can the school contribute to my child’s future success and happiness? How do I get into boarding school?

Why use a consultant?

With a consultant, your child is able to explore and assess a wider variety of educational possibilities.  Educational consultants provide firsthand knowledge of educational opportunities and help you define your options. Independent educational consultants are an important resource in determining the factors you will need to consider when choosing the best educational setting for your child.

Why Choose an IECA Member?

12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Independent Educational Consultant