The Right Placement

The best school for your child is the school that is the right fit for your child. A school name alone does not guarantee your child’s success. What can guarantee success is the right school fit. In the right school, your child will find the support, care, structure and challenges needed for personal development and growth. We believe that every child is unique. We also believe that every school is unique — each has a different size, location and student body mix with its own campus culture, ethos, value system, degree of academic rigor, extracurricular activities, structure, support and expectations placed on its students. Our mission is to identify the right school that will maximize your child’s potential academically, socially and emotionally. This is done by leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the schools and matching this with the individual skills, interests, needs and strengths of your child.


Personalized service

The private school and college admission process is often stressful and overwhelming for students and their parents. Our counselors have years of experience working with families to simplify and demystify this process. They help structure the process and break it down into manageable steps. Our services provide a highly personalized process of support and guidance with the family and the student that continues before, during and after the application process. We are available at all times for assistance through whichever means of contact students and families prefer.  There is no limit to phone calls, meetings, etc. This long-term, personalized approach fosters nurturing relationships with our students which enables us to develop a deep understanding of them. This bond helps bring out the best in our students and helps their applications stand out. During this time with VJB & Associates, students grow, mature and develop into independent thinkers who take ownership of the application process. More specifically, our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Parent interviews: Discussions of parents’ insights on the student’s strengths, interests, talents, needs and expectations
  • Student interviews: In-depth discussions and assessments of the student’s academic interests, extracurricular activities and personal goals
  • Review and analysis of the student’s academic profile from school transcripts, standardized testing, writing samples and teacher comments
  • Provide a structured timeline to help the student understand objectives, stay organized and meet deadlines
  • Advice on course selection, extracurricular activities and summer programs
  • Advice and referrals for standardized testing, and for tutoring for the ERB/ISEE/SSAT/SAT/SAT Subject Tests/ACT/TOEFL
  • Define the school list: Based on the student’s academic, social, and emotional profile, we develop a list of schools specifically designed to maximize the student’s potential for learning and future success
  • Develop application strategies, including advice on early decision/early action applications
  • Organize and schedule school interviews and tours (for international applicants)
  • Help students develop essay topics through writing assignments and brainstorming
  • Critique essays and review school applications
  • Discuss recommendation letters from teachers and special interests that would be most beneficial
  • Help confirm all necessary forms, recommendations, and applications are submitted to the appropriate people and schools to which the student is applying
  • Teach interview techniques and prepare the student and parents to interview effectively
  • Provide social media advice
  • Act as your child’s advocate with the schools’ admissions officers throughout the application process, including wait lists
  • Assist with final decision making
  • Follow-up guidance