VJB specializes in guiding the student and family through each stage of their academic career be it summer school, junior boarding school, independent day school, boarding school, post-graduate/gap years, university, or graduate school. We work with all types of students and all types of schools, from gifted students to those with learning differences, from fluent English speakers to those who may need English as a second language. Our students range from ages 10–25 years old. We can recommend summer enrichment programs, test prep companies and tutoring services to enhance a child’s academic performance. We also offer advice on extracurricular interests that can give a student that competitive edge.

Head start planning for Middle School Students

Our head start program offers middle school students guidance in creating the best foundation for private school. In addition to everything we provide in our standard 1:1 consulting for private school, this head start program allows students the extra time to craft and build their best personal profile. We work with the students to identify academic strengths and weaknesses, working to help resolve any issues that may limit their private school choices. We review sports and extracurricular activities, helping students focus their efforts as best they can. We provide recommended reading lists and encourage community service experience. And we work with each student to strengthen their personal and social skills, developing confidence, curiosity, self-awareness and leadership.

1 on 1 consulting for private School, College or Graduate School

Our personalized consulting program ideally starts 16 months before enrollment for boarding or day school, and 30 months before enrollment for university, but can also be completed in shorter time frames.  In our program we help families and students identify what they want from the school, we create the right school list that matches the student’s needs and wants, we help the student craft the best possible application, and we advocate on behalf of the student with the schools. We provide significant 1 on 1 coaching, writing workshops, essay critiques and interview prep, allowing us to customize our approach to each student’s needs. Unlike some companies, we actively limit the number of students that we work with at any given time to ensure that our students receive truly personal, attentive support.